301SP Tube Facing & Squarer

301SP Tube Facing & Squarer

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The machine’s 1/8″ to 1.125″ OD (3.18 mm to 28.6 mm) tubing and fittings with minimum grip length. Size-specific saddles and clamp assemblies hold the fabricated fittings to machine the ends flat and square with minimal to no burrs on either the ID or OD of the tube. The grip length of the standard series saddle sets is 0.625″. Short perch saddle sets for fittings with a minimum straight have a grip length of .188″. The Cam Feed incorporates a graduated scale to indicate tool bit travel.

Includes: Machine, Cordless Motor, 110V Battery Charger, Standard Saddle, Wrench kit, and Case

For Facing operation: Purchase Durabit1 Facing tool bit 


OD Mounting: .125" - 1.125"
Wall Thickness (max): .125"
Axial Feed Travel: .200" 
Weight: 8.0 lbs 
Cutting Head Toolbit Slots 1
Minimum Electrical Power requirement: 110V