300STS-01 Tube Squaring Machine
300STS-01 Tube Squaring Machine

300STS-01 Tube Squaring Machine

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Lightweight, portable facing machine designed for weld preparation on autogenous welding. Uses an OD saddle clamping system for material holding and an in-line feed collar. Can accommodate standard or short perch lengths for tube lengths less than .250".

Includes: Machine, Cordless Motor, 110V Battery Charger, Standard Saddle, Wrench kit, and Case

For Facing operation purchase Durabit1 Facing tool bit.

Package Includes

  • Model 300STS-1 Sub. Assembly
  • Integrated Guard
  • Motor Assembly
  • Wrench Kit
  • Carrying Case
  • Operators Manual

Technical Specifications

Property Inches Metric
OD Mounting: *.125" - 1.125" *(3.2 mm - 28.6 mm)
Wall Thickness (max): .125" (3.2 mm)
Axial clamping length (min): *.190" *(4.8 mm)
Axial Feed Travel: .200"  (5.1 mm)
110V/220 Corded

8.7 lbs 
7.3 lbs

(4.0 kg)
(3.3 kg)
Cutting Head Toolbit slots: 1  
Height over motor: 11.900” (302.3 mm)
Machine Width: 3.100” (78.7 mm)
Length over motor 10.900" (276.9 mm)
Minimum Electric Power 7.2A@100V 50/60hz
9.6A@110V 50/60hz
4.8A@220V 50/60hz
*With optional accessory included